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Elevate Your Home Entertainment Experience with Sonos

When it comes to bringing your home entertainment dreams to life, Sonos is the name that resonates with excellence. Whether you’re looking to create an immersive home theatre experience or a high performing multi-room music setup, Connected Logics introduces Sonos, which will have you covered. With cutting-edge technology and a deep commitment to audio perfection, Sonos ensures that your sound setup is nothing short of extraordinary.

Briefly about Sonos

Sonos is a brand that specialises in audio products, particularly wireless multi-room audio systems. They offer a range of smart speakers, soundbars, and other audio equipment designed to provide high-quality audio in different rooms of your home. Sonos products are known for their ability to connect and synchronise with each other over a Wi-Fi network, allowing you to create a whole-home audio system where you can play music, podcasts, and other audio content in multiple rooms simultaneously or individually.

Not Your Ordinary Sound System

Did you know that Sonos speakers, soundbars, and amplifiers can function as music streamers? The key feature of Sonos devices is their ability to connect to your local network and access a wide range of music sources, whether it’s your personal music collection, streaming services, internet radio, or podcasts. In addition to this, all Sonos products are AirPlay compatible. This means you can easily play audio from your iPhone or iPad directly in your desired room, area, or throughout your entire house!

Sonos soundbars, like the Sonos Arc, Beam and Ray are designed primarily for enhancing your TV’s audio experience. However, they also have the same music streaming capabilities as Sonos speakers. You can play music through them via the Sonos app or simply via Airplay from an iOS device such as your iPhone. This means you can use a Sonos soundbar to stream music when you’re not watching TV.

The Sonos Amp is designed to work as an amplifier to power traditional passive speakers. It can be integrated into your existing audio setup, making it part of your home audio system. The Sonos Amp also has the ability to stream music, but it primarily serves as an amplifier for other speakers.

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Sonos Installer: Your Expert Companion in Sound

Embarking on a journey to enhance your audio experience with Sonos is like stepping into a world of limitless possibilities. But, to truly make the most of your investment, you need the guidance of a Sonos installer. These experts are not just knowledgeable about Sonos products, they’re passionate about sound, and they are your partners in crafting a tailored sound setup that suits your space and your preferences.

A Sonos installer doesn’t just set up your system; they consider room acoustics, seating arrangements, and your unique listening habits to design a setup that immerses you in audio bliss. With a Sonos installer by your side, you can rest assured that your Sonos surround sound setup will be nothing short of exceptional.

The Joy of Sonos Outdoor Speakers

The pleasure of music should extend beyond the walls of your home. With Sonos outdoor speakers, you can bring your favourite tunes to the great outdoors. Whether it’s a relaxing evening on the patio or a lively barbecue in the backyard, Sonos outdoor speakers deliver impeccable sound quality and weather-resistant durability.

These outdoor speakers seamlessly integrate with your existing Sonos ecosystem, allowing you to extend your music’s reach effortlessly.

Extensive Music Service Integration

Sonos speakers offer extensive music service integration, allowing you to enjoy a wide variety of music from popular streaming platforms and other sources. Sonos supports a wide range of streaming music services, including but not limited to:

  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • Amazon Music
  • Tidal
  • Deezer
  • Pandora
  • Google Play Music
  • Youtube Music
  • SoundCloud
  • and many more

You can connect your preferred streaming service accounts to the Sonos app, and once linked, you can easily access your playlists, libraries, and recommendations directly through the app.

Sonos also comes with:

Music Library

Access your personal music library stored on your computer or network-attached storage (NAS) device. Import your music library into the Sonos app, and make your own music collection easily accessible for playback on Sonos speakers.

Internet Radio

Tune into thousands of internet radio stations from around the world through the Sonos app. Search for specific stations or browse by genre and location.


Sonos supports podcast services like Apple Podcasts and Stitcher. Subscribe to and listen to your favorite podcasts directly through the Sonos app.

Voice Assistants

Some Sonos speakers, like the Sonos One and Sonos Arc, integrate with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. That gives you the ability to control music playback and other smart home functions with voice commands without the need for any additional hardware.

Multi-Room Audio

One of the standout features of Sonos is its ability to create a multi-room audio system. Group Sonos speakers together in the app, playing the same music in multiple rooms or different music in different rooms simultaneously. Get the added benefit of a seamless and synchronised audio experience throughout your home.

Multi-App Control

The Sonos app is available on various platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. Control your Sonos speakers from any compatible device on your network, making it easy to manage your music playback.

Sonos Arc

The Sonos Arc is a premium soundbar from Sonos that’s designed to enhance your TV watching experience and serve as a versatile music system for your room, allowing you to bring multi-room music streaming to your home. Some of the ways this state-of-the-art soundbar can elevate your entertainment setup include:

  • Impressive Sound Quality
  • Multi-Room Audio
  • Streaming Music
  • Voice Control
  • Trueplay Tuning
  • Expansion Options

Sonos Amp

This versatile audio component is designed to upgrade and expand your home audio setup. Thanks to its power and versatility, the Sonos Amp provides a powerful 125-watt per channel amplifier, making it suitable for driving a variety of passive speakers, including in-wall, in-ceiling, and bookshelf speakers. The Amp offers multiple input options, including HDMI-ARC, RCA, and an optical input. It also has a subwoofer output for adding a separate subwoofer to your audio setup.

Other main characteristics:

  • Stream music from popular services and your personal music library
  • Home Theater Integration
  • Integration with Other Sonos Devices
  • Custom Installation

Sonos Home Theater Setup: A Theater in Your Living Room

Transforming your living room into a private theatre has never been easier. Connected Logics introduces the Sonos home theatre setup, which is a testament to innovation and excellence. It’s not just about amplifying the sound of your favourite films and shows; it’s about being part of the action.

A Sonos home theatre setup typically includes a soundbar, subwoofer, and optional surround speakers. The result? A cinematic experience that transcends the boundaries of your TV screen. The thunderous roars of explosions, the subtlety of whispered conversations, and the thrill of live sporting events – all are brought to life in your own living room.

The beauty of a Sonos home theatre setup is its simplicity. With a streamlined, wire-free design and a straightforward setup process, you can enjoy immersive audio without the hassle. It’s perfect for movie nights, binge-watching sessions, or gaming marathons.

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Native Integration With Crestron and Control4 Touch Screens

Sonos natively and seamlessly integrates with your Crestron or Control4 automation system to bing you:

Unified Control

Control your Sonos audio system from the same user interface as your other smart home devices and systems like lighting, HVAC and security. This streamlines the control of your entire home.

User-Friendly Interface

Crestron touch screens provide a user-friendly interface that allows you to select music, adjust volume, and manage playback across different Sonos speakers. Browse your music library and streaming services right from the touch screen.


Tailor the interface to your preferences, creating a control experience that suits your needs and matches your home’s aesthetics.

Scenes and Automation

Create customised scenes and automation routines that involve both Sonos and other smart devices. For example, you can create a “Good Morning” scene that turns on specific lights, adjusts the thermostat, and starts playing your favourite morning playlist on Sonos, all with a single button press.

Feedback and Status

Crestron touch screens provide feedback and status updates for your Sonos system. See which songs are playing, speaker statuses, and other relevant information directly on the touch screen.

Multi-Room Audio Control

Easily manage multi-room audio setups with Sonos through Crestron touch screens. Group and ungroup speakers, select different sources for different rooms, and control volume independently for each zone.

Looking to upgrade from S1 to S2?

If you have older Sonos products that are part of the S1 ecosystem and want to upgrade to the S2 platform, Connected Logics is here to offer all the assistance needed. Sonos allows you to run both S1 and S2 systems in parallel within your household. However, it’s important to note that devices compatible with S2 won’t be able to be grouped with S1 devices. This means that you might have two separate Sonos systems running simultaneously. The S2 platform brings improvements in terms of audio quality, increased processing power, and the ability to take advantage of newer features and services offered by Sonos. Upgrading to S2-compatible devices allows you to fully leverage these enhancements. One of the key reasons for the transition to S2 was enhanced security. Running older devices on the S1 platform may expose you to potential security vulnerabilities. Upgrading to S2-compatible devices ensures that you have the latest security features and updates.

Are you using an old S1 series Sonos?

Talk to us for upgrade pathways and trade in options

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Professional Sonos System Installation And Configuration By Connected Logics

Connected Logics offers top-notch professional installation and configuration services for Sonos systems, ensuring a seamless and personalised audio experience for your home. Our expert installers assess your specific needs and preferences, meticulously plan the placement of Sonos speakers, and handle all aspects of wiring and connections. Connected Logics pays special attention to optimising Wi-Fi networks and utilises Sonos’ Trueplay technology to fine-tune speaker performance based on your room’s acoustics. Their dedication to providing user training and comprehensive documentation ensures that you can confidently enjoy your Sonos system to its fullest potential, backed by their ongoing support and expertise.

Invest in Audio Excellence with Sonos

Sonos is not just a brand; it’s a commitment to audio excellence. Sonos products redefine the way you experience entertainment. With the expertise of a Sonos installer, you can ensure that your sound setup is optimised for perfection. So, whether you’re seeking the thrill of a home theatre or the magic of a theatre setup, contact Connected Logics to bring you the latest Sonos technology. We have the expertise and passion to turn your audio dreams into reality. Elevate your home entertainment experience and embrace the world of Sonos today.

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