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Velux Motorised Smart Skylight Blinds & Roof Windows Melbourne

Motorised skylights can bring many advantages to your home, seamlessly combining modern convenience with enhanced functionality. The ability to control skylight operations with the touch of a button or a remote control adds a layer of convenience that is particularly valuable, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. Beyond the luxury of automation, these skylights provide efficient ventilation options, promoting fresh air circulation and contributing to improved indoor air quality. Their integration with sensors and weather stations enable automatic adjustments based on weather conditions, enhancing energy efficiency by regulating temperature and reducing the reliance on artificial lighting.

Additionally, motorised skylights enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living space with their sleek design, while the controlled introduction of natural light creates a well-lit and inviting atmosphere. Not only does investing in motorised skylights help modernise your home but also aligns with a commitment to comfort, energy conservation, and a visually pleasing environment. Do you want to replace your existing skylight windows with motorised ones? Connected Logics is here to offer all the necessary assistance. Contact us today to select, supply and install motorised skylights.

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Motorised Roof Windows

Integrating motorised skylights into a home automation system can elevate the overall smart home experience by providing seamless control and coordination with other connected devices. Before you decide to integrate motorised skylight into your automation system you should consider the following:


Ensure that the motorised skylights are compatible with popular home automation protocols and systems. This compatibility allows for easy integration with a variety of smart home platforms and devices.

Voice Control

Integrate motorised skylights with voice-controlled virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit. This enables you to open or close skylights and adjust settings using voice commands, adding a layer of convenience to your home automation setup.

Automation Scenes

Create automation scenes that involve motorised skylights as part of specific routines. For example, you can configure the motorised roof windows to automatically open during the morning to allow natural light into the space or close during the evening for privacy and energy efficiency.

Security Integration

Integrate motorised skylights into your home security system. For example, you can program the skylights to close automatically when the security system is armed, adding an extra layer of protection to your home.

Energy Efficiency

Leverage the automation system to enhance energy efficiency. Integrate a smart skylight with temperature sensors, and program them to open or close based on the indoor temperature, reducing the reliance on heating or cooling systems.

Velux Motorised Skylight

When you start looking at ideal motorised skylights, our warm recommendation is a Velux motorised skylight. The VSE Electric Opening Skylight offers the comfort and energy savings of free daylight and fresh Air. The added convenience of remote control and built-in rain sensors make this the ultimate Skylight solution. With a white painted interior wood frame and sash and outer aluminium cappings your Velux skylight will blend in seamlessly into the interior and exterior. Complete with a pre-installed electric motor, control system and rain sensor, it’s simple to install.

Smart Skylight Innovations

Have you ever wondered if you could integrate a weather station into your automation system? Connected Logics can make that happen without any fuss. Integrating a weather station into the control system for window furnishings is a practical approach that allows for dynamic adjustments based on real-time weather conditions.

Weather Station Selection

Connected Logics will choose a high-quality weather station that provides accurate and up-to-date information on various weather parameters. This will include data on temperature, humidity, wind speed, and sunlight intensity.

Automated Responses

The window furnishing system can be programmed to respond to specific weather conditions. For example:

Temperature Control

If the weather station detects a rise in temperature, the window coverings may close to block out excess heat.

Wind Speed

In windy conditions, the system may automatically close the skylight to protect against drafts.

User Preferences

Professionals can set up the system to accommodate user preferences. For instance, homeowners can have the option to override automated settings or set specific preferences for different weather scenarios.

Integration with Home Automation System

The entire setup, including the weather station and window furnishing control system, can be integrated into a broader home automation system. This allows homeowners to manage window coverings along with other smart devices using a centralised control interface or mobile app.

Energy Efficiency

By integrating weather data, the system can contribute to energy efficiency. For instance, during cold weather, window coverings may open to allow sunlight to passively heat the interior, reducing the need for heating.

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