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KNX Controls Programmer, Installer & Distributor Melbourne

Welcome to the forefront of smart living with Connected Logics, your trusted partner in KNX controls. As a certified KNX dealer and solution provider, we bring you cutting-edge solutions that redefine the way you interact with your living or working spaces. Whether you’re a seasoned KNX programmer, an experienced KNX installer, or a KNX distributor looking for top-tier products, Connected Logics has you covered.

Briefly About KNX

KNX is a control system that was developed to allow products from various manufacturers to work seamlessly together. The system operates on a standardised bus cable with a common language, allowing different products to work together.

It controls all aspects of home and building control such as lighting, heating, cooling and ventilation, blinds/ shutters, security and door communication systems, audio and video, and metering. With KNX there are no more problems of isolated devices or systems being unable to talk to each other. It also means all home and building control functions can be controlled through one central system without additional control centres.

KNX can be installed into new or existing developments, be it a new build or retrofit project, residential or commercial. With wired, wireless, IP and powerline communication mediums it is possible to use the system within any building type. Unlike other lighting control systems, KNX is an open-source protocol and not a manufacturer. Many manufacturers produce KNX hardware, the major ones being Schneider Electric and ABB.

KNX Programmer

For the discerning KNX programmer seeking unparalleled flexibility and customisation, Connected Logics offers a comprehensive range of KNX controls. Our products empower you to design intelligent and adaptable systems that cater to the unique needs of your clients. Dive into the world of possibilities, where your programming expertise meets the robustness of KNX technology.

Your Trusted KNX Installer

As a KNX installer, we understand the importance of reliability and efficiency in every project. Connected Logics simplifies your installation process with user-friendly KNX controls that streamline configuration and deployment. From lighting and heating to security and multimedia, our solutions ensure a seamless integration that exceeds client expectations. Elevate your installations with the power of Connected Logics KNX controls.

Looking for a KNX Distributor?

Are you looking for a KNX distributor that offers top-tier products to meet the demands of your market? Look no further than Connected Logics. As a certified KNX dealer, we provide an extensive range of controls that cater to various applications. Partner with us to access high-quality, reliable KNX solutions that set you apart in a competitive market. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you deliver the best to your clients, building lasting relationships and fostering trust.

Explore our diverse portfolio of KNX controls designed to enhance the intelligence of homes and buildings. From sleek and intuitive user interfaces to powerful automation modules, Connected Logics offers a range of products that cater to the needs of KNX programmers, installers, and distributors alike. Discover how our solutions bring comfort, energy efficiency, and security to the forefront of smart living.

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Why Choose Connected Logics?

Certified KNX Dealer

Our certification as a KNX dealer underscores our commitment to delivering products that meet the highest industry standards.

Innovation and Customisation

We empower KNX programmers to unleash their creativity with controls that allow for intricate customisation, ensuring every project is unique.

Ease of Installation

KNX installers benefit from our user-friendly controls, simplifying the installation process and reducing project timelines.

Reliability for Distributors

As a KNX distributor, trust in our high-quality products to enhance your portfolio and attract customers seeking reliable, cutting-edge solutions.

Connected Logics invites you to embark on a journey of smart living and building automation. Whether you’re a KNX programmer, installer, or distributor, our certified KNX controls open the door to endless possibilities. Experience the future of automation with Connected Logics – where innovation meets reliability, and your vision becomes a reality.

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