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Pool Spa Control & Automation Melbourne

Are you tired of spending more time managing your pool than enjoying it? Imagine having a pool that looks after itself, allowing you to relax and unwind without the hassle of constant maintenance. At Connected Logics, we bring you innovative pool and spa control solutions that make this dream a reality.

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Embrace Effortless Enjoyment

Say goodbye to the days of manual pool management. With our cutting-edge pool spa control integration and automation systems, you can sit back, relax, and let technology do the work for you. Enjoy a pool that not only sparkles but also takes care of its own health and cleanliness.

Total System Control

Connected Logics empowers you to control every aspect of your pool system seamlessly. From the shimmering pool lights to the perfect water temperature, from automatic cleaning routines to precise chemical dosing – all controlled by a single, intuitive system. Pool automation systems give you the power to customise your pool experience with just a few taps. We can integrate all your pool systems into your automation system. AquaLink M8 Pool Controller is one of the examples of bespoke pool controllers we recommend to all of our customers. The Zodiac AquaLink M8 Control System places control of your entire backyard paradise at your fingertips. Adjust spa temperature, turn on water features, monitor chlorine generation and so much more.

The AquaLink M8 is more than just a control system; it also safeguards all your pool and spa equipment. With built-in features like an automatic heater cool down, self-monitoring freeze protection and pool cleaner safety delay, the M8 virtually eliminates any equipment protection concerns.

Efficiency Redefined

What if we told you that your pool heating could be integrated into your existing heating systems, making it more efficient than ever? Connected Logics brings you a revolutionary approach to pool heating. By merging it with your air conditioning system, we utilise the heat generated, turning it into a sustainable and cost-effective way to keep your pool warm.
Did you know that the heat generated from your air conditioning system can be transferred to your pool? This eco-friendly solution not only reduces energy consumption but also adds a new layer of efficiency to your overall home heating and cooling systems.

Integration Beyond Imagination

seamlessly integrating your entire pool system into your home automation. Imagine managing your pool alongside your lighting, security, and entertainment systems – all from one centralised user interface.

Our pool automation systems are designed to work in harmony with your lifestyle, bringing you a new level of convenience and control. Whether you’re at home or on the go, stay connected to your pool and spa, ensuring they are always ready for your next refreshing dip.

The Connected Logics Advantage

Simplify with Pool Spa Control Panel

Our user-friendly user interface puts the power in your hands. Easily manage and monitor your pool and spa settings with a touch.

Total Automation

Control lights, heating, cleaning, and chemical dosing from a single, cohesive system, bringing unparalleled convenience to your poolside experience.

Efficient Pool Heating

Integrate your pool heating with other systems for optimal efficiency, utilising heat sources you already have.

Integration Expertise

Our expertise extends beyond pools. Seamlessly integrate your pool system into your home automation for a truly connected living experience.

Pool Automation Beyond the Basics

Connected Logics doesn’t just provide pool automation systems; we redefine the way you interact with your pool and spa. With us, it’s not just about technology; it’s about enhancing your lifestyle and ensuring that your pool becomes an integral part of your smart home ecosystem. When you decide to get your pool and spa control system, talk to us for advice and installation.

Ready to transform your pool experience? Dive into the future of pool and spa control with Connected Logics. Embrace the ease, efficiency, and enjoyment that come with our innovative solutions. Your pool has never been this smart!

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